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July 2019

The benefits of music

By | Benefits of music

Benefits of music for children

We know that children can benefit from learning how to play music, but why exactly is this?  This blog post explores what some of these benefits are.

Music can increase memory skills as learning how to play an instrument also helps children to learn how to create, store and retrieve memories.

As outlined in the Little Wise Toys’ phonics activity kit, listening skills and developing an awareness of sounds can play an important part in helping to lay the foundations for learning how to read.  Listening to and making music is a great way to support this.  One suggestion in the phonics kit is to make music by drumming on different items (loudly and softly) and listen to and talk about the different sounds that are made.

Music is also a great way to enhance maths skills. By understanding beat, rhythm and scales, for example, children are also learning how to divide, create fractions and recognise patterns.

When children improve their abilities with a specific instrument and achieve their goals, they can feel very satisfied and this can improve their self-esteem while also learning great concentration skills.

As outlined in the Little Wise Toys’ activity kit that focuses on developing social and emotional intelligence, it is also good to encourage children to engage in age-appropriate challenges that they can rise to.  Activities that appropriately stretch children’s abilities (such as learning to play a new musical instrument) can help them to learn how to deal with small amounts of ‘healthy stress’. Through this, they learn a fantastic growth mindset understanding that if they put some effort in, they can gain brand new skills, solve problems and make progress over time. It can also be a great lesson in how to deal with frustrations.

Another fantastic benefit of music is the opportunity it creates for children to express themselves. By learning how to express themselves and their complex feelings through music, they are able to find a way to show or play what they are feeling.

Here’s to music and all the good things that it brings…

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