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I just wanted to say that the cards are brilliant [teen and 6-12 reframing toolkits].  Such a useful resource that I’ll start using with clients next week.  I’m going to post onto my counsellors forums this weekend.  Great work.

  • The Reframing Your Thoughts set is brilliant.  A clear, simple way of taking negative thoughts and looking at them in a different, positive way. Easy for children to understand, yet deal with emotions experienced by children of all ages, up to teenage years (and even adults).  When I opened the box and showed my husband, the first thing he said was, ‘I think I could do with a set of these’.

  • I recently bought both sets [of the Reframing Your Thoughts toolkits] and think they are fabulous! The 6-12 I use with my own son and the teenage one I use with both teens and adults during counselling sessions. The phrases really resonate with my clients and has enabled us to have some really interesting conversations. I would also like to add that my delivery came with a lovely hand written note from the creator, which made it very special.

  • There isn’t a single thing I don’t like about what you’re doing.  Nothing at all!
    Principal Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Director
  • I just received my reframing your thoughts cards… they are wonderful, absolutely brilliant.  Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant tool.  We will be pinning them round the house!  I am going to order 2 more packs as gifts.
  • The toys are so well researched and aligned completely to the early years curriculum.  My 4 year olds tested them out today and I can honestly say they ABSOLUTELY loved them!  So much learning in a little box.
    Teacher, Hertfordshire

  • We’ve just opened the Reframing Your Thoughts kit and it’s fantastic! So well thought out and worded and opened up so many lovely discussions with my 10 and 13 year old. Good advice for us adults too! I can’t recommend it  highly enough. A great tool for teaching your tweens and teens positivity and improving self esteem – and generally just a lovely way to look at the world! Love it! Thank you so much! ?
    Nicola, Kent

  • This new addition to your range [the Reframing Your Thoughts Toolkit] is absolutely amazing. I have no doubt it will be extremely successful and deserves an award.
    Shop owner, Sweet Peas

  • Reframing thoughts is a huge part of coaching and I know from work with clients that the difference it makes can be life changing. Learning how to do it as a kid is brilliant and these cards make it so straightforward and appealing. If you have a child age 6-12 get this and you might have as much fun learning as them.
    Parenting Coach, London

  • If you have kiddos that either have negative self-talk, or you want to develop mindful thinking with your munchkins, these [Reframing Your Thoughts] cards are great.  They’re my favourite, short and sweet, but powerful and easy to use.  I so wish I had the chance of having this kind of tool when I was growing up.  Thank you Little Wise Toys for creating something so beautiful and powerful.
    Homeschooling mum

  • Fab!  This little kit of wisdom is proving to be a huge help in my house.  With 4 girls – 9 (x2), 14 and 17, so lots of emotional needs to meet.  Great to have these conversation starters, words of wisdom to hand.  For me, it really helps me twist a potentially negative situation into a positive one.  Super little kit.
  • This is a wonderful resource and much needed with the pressures that come with an anxious, perfectionist 9 year old struggling with home schooling.  Thank you Little Wise Toys.

  • Yesterday the boxes came.  They are awesome.  My daughter hates maths and her exact words were, ‘I like it cause it’s not maths, it’s like a toy’.  For me, a success!!

  • I honestly can’t recommend these little boxes enough.  This little set [Little Wise Box of Maths] has been one of the best resources I’ve used when home schooling Everly in Year R.  It taught him to add, subtract and learn all his numbers…  Even now, in Year 2, it’s still proving beneficial to is learning and multiplication.  And what’s better is that he finds it fun do to too!
  • We love it [phonics kit]. My little boy has just started school and loves making the words he’s learning with them. The teacher in me loves it too!  Such a simple and beautiful idea for home – we love that it can come with us easily and is so handy for showing him spelling patterns.  It’s been great for him to experiment with sounds and words.  Thank you.
  • My son absolutely loves the Little Wise Box of Emotions! It’s such a great fun way to get children talking about emotions and feelings. I think it’s so important to get them talking from a young age. It also has helped me as his mom to understand why he’s feeling a certain way and I can tell him how I’m feeling too. Highly recommend this game!
    Shell, Cornwall

  • I bought my son the Little Wise Box of Maths for his 6th birthday last month and he loves it. The activities in the activity book are both challenging and fun and I love that they can be easily differentiated to match the ability of the child. Our box was particularly handy on a train journey home from Yorkshire and kept my son engaged most of the journey. I am very pleased with my purchase and the customer service I received from Michelle. I highly recommend it and will be buying more Little Wise Toys!

    Little Wise Box of Maths
  • I used the Little Wise Box of Emotions today with a 5 year old little girl who struggles with expressing her feelings and emotions, and it was a great hit!  The pieces are just the right size for little hands, and she loved the magnetic board to stick them to.  The poster is just the right size for working on a school desk.  The book that accompanies the box set is very well written and is clear and easy to understand.  It covers everything that you need to help support children.  There are also plenty of activities to use with a range of children’s ages and abilities.  The outcome of the work with the little girl today was that she was able to show me her ‘shocked’ face and tell me what would make her feel excited, which is something that has not happened before.  A big thank you to Little Wise Toys.
  • These products are great! As a mum and an early years teacher I can see the huge benefits of using these at home. My daughter loves the vibrant colours and being able to take them on the train. We have the maths and the phonics sets and I cannot recommend them highly enough!
    Thanks Michelle, you’ve made learning at home fun!!
    Early years teacher
  • What a brilliant idea!  I think parents and children will love them.  The activity books read perfectly with very good and clear explanations.  Children will have so much fun playing with them.  The design makes them ideal for travelling too!  I’d love to place an order when they are ready please!
    Teacher on the consultation team
  • I absolutely love them and they are exactly what I like to have in my shop.  The packaging, concept and thought that has gone into producing such a delightful item for a child is wonderful.  I look forward to placing my first order.
    Sweetpeas – shop

  • Thank you so much for the Little Wise Box of Emotions.  My children have been so engaged and enthusiastic with the activities, we are delighted.  They often ask to use it at family mealtimes and the start or end of the day can be great times to discuss what is ahead or what has happened that day and how they feel about it.  The activities have provoked some really interesting talking, especially around feeling multiple and sometimes conflicting emotions in connection with the same event.  Also some amusing discussions too.  Really importantly, I feel it has been useful for me in expanding my descriptions, explanations and questions around how we all respond to various events.  And we’ve all just really enjoyed using the kit!  Thank you.
  • Stocking Little Wise Toys is a great addition to the shop at Discover Story Centre as it reflects our ethos of learning whilst also having fun.  I think it is hard for parents to know how to support their child’s learning and development, so these kits are really useful in bridging the gap between school/nursery and home.  Also, the size means that, they are also handy for our customers to take away and use.
    Discover Story Centre – shop
  • We bought the dinosaur pack last Sunday and my 3 year old had been enjoying it so much, it’s a fantastic toy for building up storytelling and creative play as well as offering the chance to teach your child letters and letter sounds. Very good value as well.
    Shona, London
  • We purchased the Little Wise box of emotions yesterday and it’s a game changer! We used it to ask about how Mr 7 felt about two different situations and it was such an eye opener. We learnt he has lots of feelings, he knows exactly what they are when given the words to express them, he likes expressing them when he can and he feels better after doing so. The best bit was he liked it! He said “this is great, I like this, it’s good having the pictures, I don’t have to say it”. He was genuinely excited compared to when I ask how he feels and he acts like I’m sticking pins in his eyes…
    Shannon, London
  • Well done on your business.  My daughter has one of your sea life kits and she loves it.  She loves that she can rearrange her sea life scene again and again (it reminds me of the modern day version of fuzzy felt!).  And the educational resources give me so many ideas to help her learn while she’s playing with it.  She doesn’t even realise she’s learning, and just thinks she’s playing, which is great.
    Amanda, St Albans
  • I know everything that’s out there.  Why have I not seen these before?  They are very good.  A great tool for parents to use with their children.  I could really see these working for one-to-one support in schools as well.  They are so child friendly.  Nice and compact, and don’t take up too much space.  Love them!
    Retired Deputy Head
  • We have bought both the phonics and numbers sets – they are excellent quality and we are looking forward to learning with them.  My little girl has just started in Year R, we went along to a phonics workshop a few weeks back, the terminology was different to when I was at school.  When I opened the little phonics box, it was like a follow on from our workshop.  The terms are all in the little workbook, along with examples, which the school didn’t give us.  I’m confident to use this and the maths set with my daughter knowing that it helps children along the same basis as school will.  We have looked around  a lot to find something for our daughter to use at home, but we couldn’t find anything as well put together and thought out as these little sets.  Thank you for creating a brilliant product that provides us parents with some fun learning for the little ones at home and a little bridge connecting the way learning is done at school with the little things that we can do at home to support.
  • I ordered the zoo kit for my four and a half year old daughter.  I had no idea there would be so much inside the kits.  So many different ideas to help with learning (my daughter now knows how plants work!).  Great creation!  I’ll be ordering a farm kit soon for one of my daughter’s friends for Christmas.
    Sally, Huddersfield
  • I really must congratulate you on this endeavour.  I think that the Little Wise Box of Emotions is an excellent idea and you have drafted it amazingly well!  I think it is brilliantly put together and will really be a help to parents to develop those vital social-emotional intelligence skills in their young children.
    Former Head of the Sure Start Child Health Team – Department for Education

  • Perfect educational activity for young children.  My daughter (almost 3) loves her sets.  She’s now able to recognise some of the letter sounds.  Thanks!
    Becky, London
  • My son received a maths kit as a present and it is one of his favourite games ever!  The kit is great for encouraging experimentation and, with his love of maths, it is perfect.  It is always packed for our weekends away or train journeys.  I highly recommend this fun and educational bit of genius.
    Michelle, London
  • Your kits are a great idea.  My son was having a bit of a hard time with his reading.  I wasn’t very confident in how I should go about helping him to learn phonics.  Then I saw your kits and decided to get the phonics one.  Honestly, it has been so helpful as it makes it so easy for me to help him.  He also loves making all the words on his tablet.  I can see improvements already and he’s very proud of himself (I’m very proud of him too).  Just wanted to let you know and to say thank you.
    Sarah, Birmingham
  • …so we have bought few boxes of the little wise toys for a while now. I’ve only just start using it with my (now) 3 years old.

    The box of under water animals was an instant hit, my son love the fun fact (he actually told daddy about those facts when daddy’s home in the evening!!!) and we use the set with a white board and some magnetic wood blocks to create a fishing game.

    By bed time, we did few more under water themed books for bedtime stories. We both just love how the little wise box helped us to set theme for our play today!!

  • This is a very clever idea.  I work with children with special needs, and these are perfect interactive tools for helping them with their learning.  I’m going to get the phonics and maths sets so my Teaching Assistant can use them to give one-to-one support to our pupils.
    Teacher, London
  • I work with adults with learning difficulties.  Some are literally starting from the beginning in terms of learning how to read.  I’d love to buy one of your phonics kits to use with the adults I work with.
    Specials Needs Support Worker, London
  • I run a nursery setting and I’m going to get a couple of these sets as the children would love playing with them.  Such a good creative way to support early learning.
    Nursery Leader – Nottingham
  • We’ve recently bought the ‘Little Wise Zoo Life Kit’ and my 3 yr old daughter loves it. She spends ages arranging the little magnetic animals, chatting to them as she goes ❤️As a parent I love the fact it comes with a booklet that gives you lots of ideas of different ways to play (very helpfully broken out by age) plus there are some extras in the box which you can use to introduce phonics and encourage early reading.  I’m also a big fan of the sturdy, portable box which makes it perfect for travel.
    Shelley, London