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Activities for learning about maths

By June 25, 2018Top tips

Everyday activities for learning about maths

The Little Wise Box of Maths educational toy provides lots of opportunities for exploring numbers, shapes, distances and sizes.  An ideal screen free travel toy for keeping the little one(s) busy and entertained while on the move.  There are many other complementary fun maths activities you can also weave into you day using everyday objects.  This blog suggests some ideas.

At home
– Cooking together and letting children help with weighing and counting out spoonfuls and measurements.
– Sorting washing together by size and colour; and pairing up socks.
– Creating shapes out of different objects, such as coins or forks.
– Cutting toast into squares and triangles.
– Model building with recycled breakfast cereal boxes etc and exploring different shapes and sizes.
– Marking everybody’s height on the wall and seeing who is the tallest, the shortest, and who comes in the middle.
– Writing a selection of numbers on a chalk board. When you call out a number they have to identify it and squirt it with water.
– Exploring position by moving an item into different locations and asking if it is on top of/ underneath, in front of/behind, to the left of/or the right etc.

When out and about

– Getting the little one involved when out shopping – reading price tags, counting apples and other items, sorting coins and comparing weights (the heaviest and the lightest etc).
– Have a number plate hunt. See who can spot the number  X on the parked cars while walking down the street; and have a go adding the numbers in the number plate up.
– Reading the numbers on the doors while walking down the street.
– Counting how many lampposts you can spot.
– Counting down the seconds on the bus and train electronic announcement boards together.
I hope you find these suggestions useful and here’s to lots of fun exploring maths and learning through play.

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