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The inspiration behind Little Wise Toys – back to basics

inspiration behind educational toy range

There are many inspirations behind why I created the Little Wise Toys’ range of educational and learning toys.  I’d love to share these with you through a series of posts over the coming weeks.  Here’s my first one – back to basics…

One of the things that parents often comment on in a positive light is the old school nature of the Little Wise Toys’ kits.  This always makes me happy because I wanted to take things back to basics.

We pretty much all use screen time in some form or another, and there are some great digital learning apps out there for our kids to use.  We also know though about the drawbacks that too much screen time can bring.  So, I wanted to create an alternative range of fun and interactive screen free ‘learning apps’.

I wanted to create a travel toys with a portable design so that, just like you can with an iPad, the kits can be popped in the bag and children can use them when on the move, as well as at home.  I wanted to create fun and interactive educational and learning toys that children can actually touch, feel, pick up, hold and move the different parts around, as an alternative to swiping them on a screen.  This also, of course, has great benefits in helping to develop fine-motor skills, which in turn helps support little ones with their writing skills.  I wanted to go back to basics and create educational and learning toys that enable and encourage children to use their own imagination and creativity, instead of ones where a lot of the imagination is already created for them in a digital age.  For example, some of the creative storytelling that the collage range has stimulated has been amazing; and I love the creative use of the other kits, such as being used as props in make-believe school role-plays with dolls as the pupils; and a variety of independent explorations of emotions, numbers and words. I also really wanted to create fun educational and learning toys that enable children to slow down a little bit too, without their minds constantly flicking from one fast paced scene to the next, with lots of flashing lights and noises.  We live in such a fast paced world, and it’s good to slow down sometimes – hence the snail image. ????????

I look forward to sharing more about other inspirations behind Little Wise Toys over the coming weeks.


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