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Values behind Little Wise Toys

By March 3, 2021Values

I would love to share the values behind Little Wise Toys, all of which are driven by a lot of passion.

✨Taking things back to basics with an old school way of learning.  No screens, flashing lights or loud noises.  But plenty of opportunity for interaction, imagination, creativity and fun and engaging learning opportunities.

✨Providing accessible ways for parents and carers to support children’s learning where you don’t need to be an expert in areas such phonics, maths, emotions, early learning frameworks and so on as the kits provide all of the guidance you need.

✨Providing a complimentary and interactive learning bridge between home and early years settings and school.

✨ Providing resources that also provide useful tools that can be used in educational and a range of different support settings for children and young people, as well as in the home.

✨Focusing on key life skills such as learning how to read, maths, social and emotional intelligence and understanding the world.

✨ Designing gender neutral toys and resources. There are so many different important skills to be gained from different toys and resources. If certain types are directed at boys, and other types are directed at girls, then both boys and girls can lose out on the different developmental opportunities. This is why I was keen for my products to be accessible for everyone to use and enjoy, regardless of their gender. I am also proud to be a Let Toys Be Toys good practice Toymark award holder.

✨Ensuring that the kits include a number of environmentally friendly credentials (e.g. all paper and card used is either recycled or from a sustainable source; the magnet used in the boards is from a company operating a zero landfill policy; and the felt used to make the finger puppets is also environmentally friendly). Plus there’s a section in the collage kits focused on introducing climate change to children and how we can all help with this.

✨Investing a lot of time researching and exploring the evidence for each of the products and always sharing with a range of experts in the field as part of the consultation process.

✨A whole lot of gratitude to everyone who supports Little Wise Toys. I love including a personalised handwritten note with each order; and also researching and sharing a fun learning topic each Sunday on my social media platforms as a way of saying thank you for being here.

You can find out more about Little Wise Toys here.



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