Helping Children and Young People Navigate Friendships


This brand new comprehensive and practical digital toolkit has been designed to support parents, carers and educators with empowering children and young people with the knowledge and skills to navigate the joys and challenges of friendships successfully.


Product Description

Welcome to the Brand New Digital Resource: Helping Children and Young People Navigate Friendships – a Toolkit for Parents, Carers and Educators

This brand new comprehensive digital toolkit is dedicated to empowering children and young people with the skills to successfully navigate all the joys and challenges that friendships bring.   Whether you’re a parent, carer, or educator – this resource equips you with valuable insights, approaches and practical tools across a wide range of areas to help you guide children and young people through all of their friendship experiences, build strong and healthy social connections, lay valuable foundations of social and emotional intelligence and boost overall wellbeing.

This resource has been developed with children and young people from around the age of six through to the early teen years in mind (although a lot of the content is relevant and useful across all ages, including for adults too).

What’s Inside?

This toolkit draws on the empowering, evidence based and transformative skills of reframing and growth mindset; and is packed with insight, knowledge, printable resources and practical tools and actions.  It’s tailored for use at home and in other settings supporting children and young people.  Here’s some more about what this brand new toolkit offers.

  • A wealth of ideas and support:  This bumper resource comes with 150 pages full of support.  Navigation throughout and different modules to dip in and out of whenever you want to explore or revisit each area.
  • Understanding Healthy Friendships:  Exploring what healthy and unhealthy friendships look like.
  • Building Empathy and Problem-Solving Skills:  Nurturing empathy and problem solving-skills to support the development of meaningful connections.
  • Addressing Challenges:   Tackling areas such as bullying, peer pressure, conflicts, and changing friendships.
  • Setting Boundaries: Lots of practical support to help children and young people with learning the skill of setting boundaries successfully.
  • Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem:  Approaches and practical resources to help boost confidence and self-esteem.
  • Inclusivity:  A module exploring neurodiversity and creating an inclusive space where every child feels valued.
  • Additional Resources:  Each module in Part One of this resource is accompanied by an Implementation Challenge section in Part Two.  Each Implementation Challenge offers a wide range of practical and engaging ideas for bringing each module to life.  You can dip in and out and choose different challenges in whichever topic area you want to explore.  Lots of practical and printable resources are also provided to support the implementation challenge ideas and they can be printed and used again and again (e.g. over 100 affirmation cards, 70 conversation prompts, role-play scripts,  different problem-solving and brainstorming tools, activities for exploring different behaviours, visuals exploring areas such as confident and assertive communication, things we can and can’t control and so much more).
    Supporting Parents and Carers:  Supporting children and young people with navigating the ups and downs of friendships can be complex and emotionally demanding for adults too.  This is why I have also included a module dedicated to supporting parents and carers.

As parents, carers and educators, we can make the world of difference with helping children and young people to successfully navigate friendships, and this comprehensive and practical toolkit provides an ideal resource to help you achieve this.  The approaches shared in this toolkit can help to transform even the more challenging friendship scenarios, while also equipping children and young people with invaluable skills they can use throughout their lifetimes in all of their different social interactions.


This is a digital resource which will be received straight away once it has been ordered.  This resource can also be purchased worldwide.


“The friendship toolkit is brilliant.
Wow! The new friendship resource offers so much useful content – way more than I realised. It’s so well thought out and really easy to navigate. I feel like every parent should automatically be provided with one of these when their little one starts school! Well done for creating another very useful resource, Little Wise Toys!”

“Little Wise Toys’ ‘Helping Young People Navigate Friendships’ is a unique resource that can help and support parents, carers, teachers and other professionals working with young people. The guide is absolutely packed with ideas: conversation starters, conversation prompts, role play scripts, scenarios, brainstorming tools, affirmation cards and much more! It is very refreshing to also see a section to help neurodivergent children which focuses on acceptance of neurodivergent differences.

The beauty of this practical guide is the way it prompts young people to reframe negative thoughts and experiences into something that they can learn from and ultimately grow as a person. The positive overall message is very empowering as the guide provides practical ways of helping children to reflect and helps them to come up with their own solutions, for example, in setting boundaries, speaking up for themselves and standing up for their values. I think these nurturing lessons are ones that adults will benefit from as much as children.”