Little Wise Box Of Emotions


Little Wise Box of Emotions

Travel friendly Little Wise Box of Emotions – a magnetic educational toy for 3-6 year olds offering fun and interactive support for developing children’s social and emotional intelligence.


Product Description

The Little Wise Box of Emotions is a magnetic educational and learning toy offering parents and carers a fun and interactive way to support the development of children’s social and emotional intelligence – (the kit focuses on ages 3-6, although many parents have fed back how their older children have benefited from using the kits too).  Social and emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills we can teach young children.  It enables them to recognise and understand their emotions and feelings, and learn how to manage these.  It also helps children to learn how to communicate effectively and interact with others, develop empathy, and build positive and healthy relationships.  Children with high social and emotional intelligence are not only more likely to be happier as children, they are also more likely to grow up into happy, successful and emotionally self-aware adults with respect for themselves and others.

Parents and carers have a pivotal role to play in fostering children’s social and emotional intelligence. As it is such a complex area it can be difficult to know where to begin in teaching this skill.  The Little Wise Box of Emotions learning toy has been developed to support this by providing a comprehensive, fun and interactive resource, covering a broad range of aspects of social and emotional intelligence.  It explores naming, understanding and managing feelings and emotions, as well as building self-confidence and self-esteem. Everything comes in a small A5 size box which has a tray lid for all of the tabs, making it a perfect travel game that can be used on the move as well as at home.

Inside each kit you get:
– A magnetic tablet and 28 hand illustrated magnetic feeling tabs representing 28 different feelings;
– An A4 Feelings Poster;
– Two hand-made finger puppets for suggested role-play activities;
– A 26 page activity book that is packed with a wealth of insight, ideas and activities for supporting children’s social and emotional intelligence.
– A brand new additional supplement to the activity book that looks at a growth mindset and fixed mindset (two very helpful terms developed by a researcher called Carol Dweck which can offer invaluable support to children’s social and emotional development).

Children, parents and early years specialists have been very much engaged during the development of this fun and interactive educational game for kids.  You can see some reviews from customers here.

** Postage is £3 (you can order as many kits as you like and the postage stays the same) or £5 if you would like it gift wrapped. Whichever postage option you go for, if you would like a (free of charge) personalised note with your order, please let me know what you would like to say in the notes section at checkout, and I will organise this for you.**