Little Wise Box Of Maths


Travel friendly Little Wise Box of Maths – a magnetic educational toy for 3-6 year olds offering a fun and interactive way to learn all about maths.


Product Description

The Little Wise Box of Maths is a magnetic educational toy offering a fun and interactive way for 3-6 year olds to learn all about maths.  The activity set is a great homeschooling educational toy as well as an ideal fun and interactive learning bridge between home and early years settings/early school.  The set is fully informed by the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum and has also been developed in consultation with early years specialists.

All aspects of early years maths are covered including areas such as numbers, shapes (including 3D shapes), distances and sizes.  The maths kit also comes with a 1-20 number line and apple magnetic tabs to make arrays, which are really useful tools kids can use when exploring numbers (guidance is provided in the accompanying activity book).   Everything is tucked away in a small A5 size box making it a perfect educational and learning travel game for kids that can be used on the move, as well as at home.

Inside each kit you get:

– An A5 magnetic maths tablet;
– 84 magnetic tabs including number tabs, counting apple tabs, symbol tabs, and tabs for exploring shapes and sizes;
– An A4 poster of numbers 1-100 (in numeral and written form); and
– An activity book packed with ideas for learning all about maths.  There are ideas for counting, working out sums, and exploring different shapes, lengths, distances and sizes.

As well as being used in the home, this activity set also works well with 1:1 and group activities in early years and school settings.

This educational and learning toy will have little ones learning all about maths in no time!  The best feedback of all is that kids are enjoying having fun learning maths with their Little Wise Box of Maths.


Here’s what three customers have to say:

“I honestly can’t recommend these little boxes enough.  This little set [Little Wise Box of Maths] has been one of the best resources I’ve used when home schooling Everly in Year R.  It taught him to add, subtract and learn all his numbers…  Even now, in Year 2, it’s still proving beneficial to is learning and multiplication.  And what’s better is that he finds it fun do to too!”
“Yesterday the boxes came.  They are awesome.  My daughter hates maths and her exact words were, ‘I like it cause it’s not maths, it’s like a toy’.  For me, a success!!”
“My son received a maths kit as a present and it is one of his favourite games ever!  The kit is great for encouraging experimentation and, with his love of maths, it is perfect.  It is always packed for our weekends away or train journeys.  I highly recommend this fun and educational bit of genius.”
You can read some more reviews received from customers here.


**UK postage is £3.00 (you can order as many kits as you like and the postage stays the same) or £5 if you would like it gift wrapped. Please do contact me direct if you would like to enquire about an international delivery (  Whichever postage option you go for, if you would like a (free of charge) personalised note with your order, please let me know what you would like to say in the notes section at checkout, and I will organise this for you.**