Reframing Your Thoughts


The Reframing Your Thoughts Rainbow Card Toolkit provides 6-12 year olds with the knowledge, skills and tools to empower and help them to think in a way that promotes their confidence, happiness and resilience.


Product Description

The brand new Reframing Your Thoughts Toolkit provides children with the knowledge, skills and tools to help them to think about and approach things in a way that promotes their confidence, happiness and resilience.  It offers ample support for helping children to understand and manage big emotions and feelings and generally view and approach things in life in a helpful, empowering and positive way.  The kit also provides a real opportunity for opening up conversations with children enabling you to gain valuable insights into how they are thinking and feeling about different situations.  As parents and carers can play a huge part in influencing how children feel about, view and approach things in life, there’s lots of support for adults in the kit as well exploring how we can help children with learning to embrace an empowering reframing mindset. While the toolkit has been designed for 6-12 year olds it offers plenty for older children too (and even adults).

Inside each cute travel friendly box you’ll find…

–  ‘A Note for the Kids’ cards which set the scene, take a look at how our thoughts work, introduce reframing and growth mindset, and outline how the Rainbow Card Toolkit can be used;

– ‘A Note for the Adults’ cards which provide practical guidance about how adults can help kids to develop a reframing approach to life; and

– 25 reframe cards. On the front you‘ll find the reframe. On the back you’ll find all sorts of practical support and guidance that kids can use to bring each reframe to  life.  To give you an idea, you can find out more about what the back of one of the cards says here.

Reframing can transform the way children (and adults) think about and approach things in life and can provide a fantastic tool for promoting their emotional health and well-being. The Rainbow Card Toolkit offers a great way to get children started.

The Rainbow Toolkit has been developed based on extensive research and has also been shared with experts in the field as part of the consultation process.  Here’s what two members of the consultation team had to say:

“I really enjoyed reading through your plans and I love the concept.  Certainly a very worthwhile venture because I have not seen anything else quite like this targeted at this age group.  I think that this product will be a valuable resource for supporting children’s emotional health and well-being.”
Special Educational Needs Coordinator

“I think it is utterly superb: I congratulate you wholeheartedly on what you have achieved…  I really take my hat off to you!  I have no doubt that this product will be of real benefit.”
Former Head of the Sure Start Unit Health and Well-being Team – Department for Education

Here’s a review from a parent
“We’ve just opened the Reframing Your Thoughts kit and it’s fantastic! So well thought out and worded and opened up so many lovely discussions with my 10 and 13 year old. Good advice for us adults too! I can’t recommend it highly enough. A great tool for teaching your tweens and teens positivity and improving self esteem – and generally just a lovely way to look at the world! Love it! Thank you so much!”

As it’s a brand new product, the reviews are just starting to come in.  You can see some more here.

** Postage is £3.00 (you can order as many kits as you like and the postage stays the same) or £5 if you would like it gift wrapped. Whichever postage option you go for, if you would like a (free of charge) personalised note with your order, please let me know what you would like to say in the notes section at checkout, and I will organise this for you.**