Reframing Your Thoughts Toolkit for Teens


The Reframing Your Thoughts toolkit for teenagers equips children and young people with the knowledge and skills to build an empowering reframing mindset into their lives; gain valuable insights into understanding and managing their thoughts, emotions and feelings; and offers ample guidance for navigating many different situations in the teen years.


Product Description

The Reframing Your Thoughts Toolkit for teens provides children and young people with a wealth of support equipping them with the knowledge, skills and tools to help them to think about and approach things in a way that promotes their confidence, happiness and resilience.  The toolkit help teens to understand and manage their thoughts, big feelings and emotions (e.g. exploring how the brain works and different feelings and emotions such as worry, anxiety, anger, happiness, frustration) and generally view and approach things in life in a helpful and positive way.  It also offers a wealth of support for navigating different life situations and scenarios that teenagers might find themselves in during this stage of life (e.g. worrying about the future, exam stress, friendships, consent, body image and self-belief).  The toolkit provides a real opportunity for opening up conversations with teens enabling you to gain valuable insights into how they are thinking and feeling about different situations.

As parents and carers can play a huge part in influencing how teenagers feel about, view and approach things in life, there’s also a section for adults in the kit exploring how we can help teenagers with learning to embrace an empowering reframing mindset. It is also recommended that parents and carers have a good read through the toolkit as a whole as there are many ideas that can be fed into day-to-day conversations, including even when not directly using the cards (this also offers a valuable opportunity for teens to practise developing a reframing mindset).

As well as being used in the home, this toolkit also works well in a number of additional settings supporting children and young people’s wellbeing (e.g. schools and counselling services).

Inside you’ll find:

– ‘A Note for the Teens’ A6 cards which set the scene, take a look at how our brain and thoughts work, introduce reframing and growth mindset, and outline how the Rainbow Card Toolkit can be used;

– ‘A Note for the Adults’ A6 cards which provide practical guidance about how adults can help teens to develop a reframing approach to life;

– 29 A6 reframe cards with each providing a reframe and all sorts of practical support and guidance that teens can use to bring each reframe to life (to give you an idea, you can find out more about what one of the cards has to say here); and

– An Additional Support section signposting to lots of extra helpful information.

The Rainbow Toolkit has been developed through extensive evidence based research and has also been shared with experts in the field as part of the consultation process.

Reframing can transform the way teenagers (and adults) think about and approach things in life and can provide a fantastic tool for helping to support children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.  This Rainbow Card Toolkit offers a great way to get teens started.


Here’s a review received from a teenager.

“To anyone who is reading this – I just want to say that, as a year 13 student doing A levels with so much pressure put on me, it’s such a relief to take a step back and use this toolkit every step of the way!  I can’t be grateful enough to have the extra support from it.  This year has been a water flood of tears so far but having this toolkit there to just stop for a second and have something be there to give you some guidance is something that we all need.  At a young age everything can come on so scary and you may find yourself uncertain about so many things so this is something that I would highly recommend to anyone else who is in sixth form/college or in secondary school and is going through that stage where everything comes off as so confusing.  I hope that others can feel guided by this just as I have.  Many many thanks, Rym.”


Here’s what two members of the consultation team had to say.

“I enjoyed reading your new reframing kit for teenagers.  I like the way the toolkit works on challenging unhelpful cognitions and also sets some context to aid the reframing process.  You cover a good range of areas that are well-suited to the age group.  I think this is a really useful product for supporting young people’s wellbeing throughout the teenage years.”
(BSc in Psychology, MSc in Psychology of Education, SENCO and Psychology Teacher)

“This is a fantastic toolkit for teenagers.  It offers very useful, practical and valuable insights and guidance to help support their social and emotional development at a really important stage of life.  I have no doubt that this toolkit will prove to be a very useful resource for teenagers, parents and also professionals working with teenagers.  Very well done!”
(Former Head of the Sure Start Unit Health and Wellbeing Team – Department for Education)


Here’s a review from a parent

“I recently purchased the ‘Reframing your Thoughts toolkit for Teens’ for my 13 and 15-year-old.  It is very clear from the start that so much thought and research has gone into this toolkit to help teens through what is such a difficult period of their lives, starting with the introductory notes for teens and parents explaining some of the reasons behind the emotional changes they experience.  The reframing cards themselves cover a huge variety of feelings and emotions, with helpful information and suggestions for dealing with overwhelm, anxiety and emotions teenagers face and clear ways to reframe negative thoughts into a different way of seeing a problem so that the child can find an element of control in the emotions they are feeling.  There is also a useful resources card with places you can find additional support. Cards such as ‘I need to hide my vulnerability because it makes me look weak’, ‘I don’t like my body very much’ and ‘I’m feeling overwhelmed with how many things I need to get done…” are so in tune with day-to-day problems that teenagers face.  It really is an invaluable toolkit, and I would say not just for teens. Many of the emotions and feelings covered by these cards are valid for adults too, teaching us to think differently if we feel anxious, lacking in confidence or overwhelmed.  I think this toolkit is something all parents should have to help their teens through what is such a challenging time.”


Here are two reviews from counsellors

“I just wanted to say that the cards [for 6-12 year old and for teens] are brilliant…  Such a useful resource…  I’m going to post on my counsellor forums this weekend.  Great work!”

“I purchased the toolkit cards for teens and find them beautifully illustrated with lots of information to help engage young people in the therapy room.  As a therapist, resources like these are so needed when working with children and young people.  I will definitely be returning to buy more.  Thank you!”

You can see some more reviews here.

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